University of Washington Review ( Pros And Cons )

University of Washington it’s a really good school and university on paper but the whole feel on campus is that, it’s a large commuter school with a lot of people and it just feels really impersonal at times. This can be contributed a lot to the weather and just the rigorous course load that you know provides, which forces a huge competitive nature among its students. A lot of people who are pretty quiet and keep to themselves even in social situations. University taking everything from me at this point, it’s taking my money it’s taking my happiness my health, my sanity teachers go fast and they don’t even try to help you like I feel like they go through a lot of mediocre, examples or they just talk about random derivations and then on the homework.

University of Washington so here are a few pros and cons, that i have come up with all right i guess i will just start off with the cons because you may as well get the bad ones over with very straight. The biggest con to the university of Washington, I would say are just the weed out courses and there’s so many rumors surrounding the university of Washington.

University Of Washington Courses

All of our weed out courses and i did say these rumors all hold pretty true most of the courses at least in stem, like introductory chemistry, Interdictory, biology And math all of those are curved to about a 2.6 to a 2.9 average. That’s pretty bad most people fall within this range and so it’s really really hard to stand out, and succeed. Gets most people down when they come here related to weed out courses are just low acceptance rates to majors.

University of Washington Review ( Pros And Cons )

So many people who have gotten into the university of Washington and who have gotten into the classes, that they want amazing well. If you don’t do well in those classes at least not well to the standard, that you dub hold you may or may not get into your major. So many people had to transfer out of the university, because they’ve applied to a major with like a 30 or 40 acceptance rate and even though they have three eights or three nines in their classes, They will still Get rejected which really sucks so just note that when deciding.

Pros And Cons About University of Washington

The winters suck if you haven’t heard the term sad or seasonal affective disorder before then you definitely will, when you get to November December time frame is probably when it gets the worst. The sun goes down at about 4 00 p.m every single day. There is a period where it was overcast for 29 or 30 days straight. Most people kind of just were not having it a lot of people left, A lot of people decided to go back to California for the weekend.

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Social life university of Washington is so big that no matter what your interests are, You can pretty much find your crowd. Some poeple such smaller institutions and they all struggle making friends not all. That’s an exaggeration a lot of them struggle making friends at first, Because it’s so hard to meet people, but at the university of Washington you’re exposed to so many people hundreds even in large classes and if you live in the dorms, and you’ll definitely have a lot of chances to meet people and so it’s really really easy to make friends on clubs too. clubs are a great way to make friends and there’s so many at university. They’re called rsos here but same thing and they’re so fun and a great way to socialize and meet people.

University of Washington Review ( Pros And Cons )

At the university and that kind of holds, The interdisciplinary honors program yeah i feel like the owners program is mostly made fun of everyone. It is a nerd and that’s true too but the thing is you meet so many people from across so many different backgrounds and the classes, You take you cannot find anywhere. A Opportunities that the university has to offer now with covet that’s a little bit different, there aren’t as many research opportunities all the labs are closed, but normally there are so many labs open and this is just because every single professor that teaches at the university does research and i think that’s a requirement across the university, But yeah research amazing do it.

Campus Life At University

Campus it’s so beautiful between mount rainier and the cherry blossoms and the fact that it’s an urban college that has its own giant. Campus makes it so nice there’s so much space, All the buildings are separated but close enough. There’s so many plants on campus so many flowers, Spring is a gorgeous time when all the flowers are blooming across campus and it’s just something that kind of take for granted but it is absolutely gorgeous. It is close to city too so there’s so many opportunities for people that want to maybe work in a hospital or get an internship, That you don’t really get in a rural setting.

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