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Princeton University the number one National University in America with Harvard Columbia MIT and Yale trailing behind in second, and third it’s no doubt that Princeton offers some of the best undergraduate programs in the country. Princeton has been home to notable alumni such as Michelle Obama Jeff Bezos Eska Fitzgerald has had 65 Nobel laureates and two former presidents located in central, New Jersey students from all over the world apply to this institution with an undergraduate population of five thousand nine hundred thirty-four. The number one ranking for the best value school in an endowment of over twenty five billion dollars.

It’s easy to see why that’s the case regardless this has been my home for the past two years. Number one University in the country well here you go Alexa that’s what I’d like to make in Princeton, it’s 66 degrees Fahrenheit with clear skies and Sun.

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a Lots of students are applying to more and more schools some popular institutions like UCLA and that’s the University of California Los Angeles are receiving more than 100,000 applications a year. University of California Los Angeles UCLA doesn’t have a hundred thousand spots in, Its incoming freshman class so UCLA’s acceptance rates like the acceptance rates of so many highly selective schools are creeping further and further down each year.

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There is another fact the flipside of that sometimes humbling statistic is that students, who are applying to 10 15 and 20 schools also can’t actually attend all of those schools they can only attend one, So where schools are getting more selective students have to get more selective. Making it a truly perfect storm College Admission are more volatile and more unpredictable than they’ve ever been before, but that doesn’t actually make college admission harder in fact more than three-quarters of all college bound students get into their first choice fools.

Princeton College Review

Princeton University it’s called College hopes and worries and this year 12,000 high school students, and their parents to answer that same question what would be their dream school for them as students and parents for kids. If academic admission and cost were not factors. The student list there it goes number one Stanford number to Harvard number three, Princeton names likely have heard of before, Let’s look at our parent list number one Stanford number, two Harvard number three Princeton what a thoughtfully conceived list folks there.

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Princeton University You Can See new people and everyone’s just engaging and it’s a great community amazing. The professors there are a lot of professors from different walks of the world, That you wouldn’t get a chance to meet or engage with unless you were there. If You Just like sports you can play or things you go see on campus that are really cool that you just won’t get anywhere else, Just always packed awesome The campus it’s so nice and it’s amazing and it feels really homey, The best thing about Princeton is definitely the people they’re all really bright, interesting, they’re so friendly and just interacting with everybody here probably the weather.

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