Facts About Videos Games Are Good For You

I believed that video games are a total waste of time because they’re unproductive and not particularly meaningful. But I recently bought a PS4 to start streaming on, And I’ve already wasted about 118 days of my life playing World of Warcraft. And I’m thinking of getting back into it when the new expansion part comes out. And so the reason behind the research for this was because I want to feel better about all the time, that I’ve wasted and will continue to waste on video games.

Benefits Of Video Games

Look at the evidence to see whether there are actually many benefits of playing video games. Now there are all sorts of nuanced bits that I’m not really going to focus on, So there’s evidence about addiction and aggression and depression. I’m not really gonna focus on the negative aspect of video games. This video is purely to illustrate the positive aspect of video games and the various ways in which they can make our lives happier, healthier, and more productive. So let’s dive into it. Firstly, we’ve got evidence that video games improve our memory and our visual navigational skills.

Study from the University of California For Video Games

This Study compared gamers versus non-gamers. And they found that people who played 3D games worked better at tasks than other people who played 2D Type games like Angry Birds Friends and those people who didn’t play any games that time. They also took a team of non-gamers and split them up into three teams. The first group played Super Mario 64 a 3D game. The second group played Angry birds 2D game, and the third group didn’t play any games at all, And they found that in those who practiced the 3D game for half an hour a day, they had improved performance on certain works or tasks. Games help improve our problem-solving ability.

This 2021 longitudinal study found that people who played more strategic video games actually had better problem-solving skills and also correlated with improved grades at study. We’ve got evidence from the University of Rochester that people, who play video games tend to do better at allocating their attention. We know that video games require some level of cognitive performance and therefore it makes sense, that if you’re playing lots of video games, you’d be better at performing those sorts of tasks in real life as well.


Another Study From University of Montreal, About Video Games Are Good For You ?

This study from the University of Montreal is very interesting. They split up adults between the ages of 55 and 75 into three teams. One team was trained on video games IE Super Mario 64, The second team had piano lessons and the third group didn’t have anything at all. The study found that an increase in the gray matter within the hippocampus was significant only in the gaming group whereas the control group displayed significant gray matter loss. This is interesting because the gray matter in the hippocampus act as a marker for some neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Video games might be able to help conditions like anxiety and depression. For example, this study from New Zealand used a specially designed game called Sparks to help teenagers who are dealing with depression. And they found that remission rates were significantly higher in the Sparks arm, 43.7% than in the treatment as usual arm, 26.7%. So what they found was that the teenagers who had the video game were significantly more likely to have their depression cured or in remission than the people who just had therapy as usual. Now, obviously, this was a specific video game designed to treat depression.

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Social Skills Of Playing Games

About the social aspect of gaming, Now there’s obviously this stereotype that video gamers have no social skills and just sit at home all day. And yeah, obviously sort of playing video games excessively and just playing video games and doing nothing else is probably bad for your social life. But to be honest, everything and access And there’s some evidence that video gaming and moderation actually improves your social life.

A 2017 study from the UK for example, took a sample of 708 people who played massively multiplayer online games, like World of Warcraft and Fortnite and they found various psychosocial benefits of playing these sorts of games. They said that their findings revealed a positive relationship between MMO engagement measured by a multidimensional measure, gamer identity, and online social capital, additionally, gamer identity related positively to self-esteem and social competence and negatively with loneliness. So that is some evidence that maybe there are social aspects to gaming. And to be honest, one of the main reasons why I really enjoyed World of Warcraft was for the social aspect of it. I ended up making kind of internet friends with lots of people from all around the world.

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Negativity About Video Games

I always hear this negativity around the media about video games, That some person killed someone, did something violent, because they played a video game, I really didn’t want any of this negativity to be true, so I decided to do a bit of research. One of the first studies I looked at was short but positive, and it showed that playing Portal 2, which is a very, very popular puzzle game, improves spatial skills, problem-solving, and persistence more than the supposed brain trainer Lumosity, which is a browser-based brain trainer.

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