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University of California system commonly known as the uc system. Financial aid as well as some other random facts. The university of California or UC is one of the systems of higher education in California, It’s also one of the highest ranking public college systems in the united states because of this many of the uc campuses are pretty selective in their admissions process. Uc Berkeley is the oldest school in the uc system and it opened its doors in 1869, The most recent addition to the uc system is uc Merced which opened its doors in 2005. Total there are 10 campuses in the Uc system however only nine of them serve undergraduate students.

The campuses are spread all across California so you’ll find schools up in the bay area and then you also find schools in southern California in total. The Uc campuses offer over 800 different degrees which include bachelors masters professional and doctoral degrees, They even offer great alternatives to degrees such as boot camps and even certificates although many of these campuses offer similar programs and majors. They individually have different majors as well and it’s important to know which campuses offer what majors that you might be interested in.


Animal science for students that are really sure that they want to be a veterinarian, When they grow up Uc Davis is the only campus that offers that major, it’s really important to do your research and figure out which campuses offer the majors that you need to succeed in. Your career aside from different majors uc campuses are also unique in their own different ways, i think it’s really important for us to not really focus on the stereotypes and different misconceptions that a lot of the uc campuses have.

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Another difference for students to remember is that the uc campuses operate on two different academic calendars uc Berkeley and uc Merced, both operate on the semester system while the other uc campuses operate on the quarter system. The semester system has two terms we have the fall semester and then we have the spring semester in general the semester systems operate on a 16 week calendar and then it’s followed by finals. The quarter system operates a little bit differently because it offers three different terms, They offer the fall winter and then spring quarters which usually are around 10 weeks long both. The semester and quarter systems offer a summer session however it’s important for students to remember that this is optional.

Admissions counselors look at when determining whether a student is a good fit for their uc campus. All campuses look at the 14 factors differently and each campus makes decisions independently of each other, so that’s a general overview of the freshman admissions process. California community college to a Uc or cal state, The website allows you to view articulation agreements between your community college and the uc campuses that you plan to apply to it will also show you the requirements. You would need to fulfill prior to transferring. California community college students can take to satisfy lower division general education otherwise known as Ges before transferring to most majors at uc campuses.

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