Best Advantages Of Harvard University

I’m going to be talking to you guys about the perks of being a Harvard University student, and All the benefits that come with being a Harvard student, so if you just got accepted congrats to the class of 2025 or you’re looking to apply in the future. I must say the first thing that I absolutely love about being a Harvard student is being able to travel for free at Harvard.

Travel Opportunities Of Harvard University

The University has different travel opportunities for students and alumni and students are actually eligible for scholarships. About Harvard is that they will literally pay for you to do research or study abroad in another country. They have a ton of funding opportunities for you to travel somewhere during the summer during spring break or even during the winter.

They do have strict deadlines so just be aware of that hopefully. Harvard has very generous financial aid if you are low income or you have a special circumstance like a sick parent or a sick sibling. Harvard will make it so that you don’t have to pay that money, people on track to graduating completely debt-free and they are so grateful because I know how much student loans can take a toll on your finances post-college.

Harvard is just generous in general and there’s a lot of ways to like finesse money, there’s a winter coat fund for Harvard students, who can’t afford a winter coat or come from states like California. Where you can make up to three thousand to five thousand dollars a semester sitting at a desk and completing your assignments. You have to go out of your way to find the easy campus jobs but once you do you’re all set and you can use the money to buy yourself something nice or to have fun during the semester the next perk

Travel Opportunities Of Harvard University

Students Opportunities

Harvard students are having access to fellowships job opportunities and internships during college and post-college. There are pre-med-related and stem-based opportunities like software and computer science that’s something that interests you, there’s also a lot of political opportunities for people, who are part of the institute of politics or the Kennedy school, whatever you’re interested in. There’s an opportunity for it at Harvard university it can get overwhelming to be bombarded with all this information all the time.

but Harvard does have resources for their students like the office of career services, they’re actually really helpful if you schedule an appointment with them they will sit down with you and give you packets of information and help you navigate through your different career options. It is up to you to apply to jobs and deadlines are so important and deadlines are so strict, on top of your the next perk of being a Harvard student is having access to resources and opportunities in general.

Sports Games In Harvard

There’s always something going on at Harvard, there’s always a conference and event or even a sports game, where you can go to see your friends play their sports, there are so many celebrities and brilliant people who want to come to speak at Harvard. A student is being able to take a ton of interesting classes. so Harvard college is a liberal arts college which basically means that there are general education requirements, which means there are classes that you’re going to be taking that have nothing to do with your intended major. for example, I’m an applied math major but my freshman year I took a class on black activism and music, and basically, we learned about how a lot of artists like sam cook Stevie wonder Michael Jackson and even Kendrick Lamar used their music to inspire black people and people of color to be more a part of social justice movements the class.

Campus Life

About Harvard is the student life and the campus life, I had a lot to say about the open campus and the Harvard bubble but overall I really enjoyed my campus experience so 90 of the students live on campus for all four years, there are 12 upperclassmen houses each with their own dining hall and there are 12 freshman dorms and all the freshmen eat at Annenberg. A lot of people complain about the Harvard food but I personally did not find it, that bad also I’m vegetarian and I survived it all depends on whether or not you’re picky either. You should definitely consider that also Harvard is very beautiful in the spring-summer and fall the campus is really beautiful in the winter.

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