3 Best Features Of Erie Insurance

Auto insurance companies are created equal and not every auto policy is the exact same today, There Are Three favorite features of the erie insurance auto policy. Erie Insurance Is One Of The Best insurance in the world.

First is an option to add roadside and rental reimbursement into your policy, This is a really cool feature and it’s extra safety measures because if your car’s on the side of the road because it’s broke down, if your battery’s dead, you locked your keys in your car anything like that. Even we’re supposed to get five to eight inches of snow this week and if your car gets stuck in a snow bank part of your area insurance auto policy is to have them pull you out get you back in the road. It also could include a tow so if your car is completely broken down and you need to be towed to the nearest auto shop that’s a part of your insurance policy, that’s a great option to have also part of this same option is the rental reimbursement. Your vehicle is in the shop for a week because of an Accident erie will pay for you to have in a rental car for that period of time, That way you don’t need to rely on friends family anything like that to get to and from work.

Erie Insurance Features

Second favorite feature of an Erie insurance auto policy is the option of adding rate lock to your policy, Erie has this really cool product that’s called eerie rate lock and that essentially is your rate locked in at the initial application date, So whatever your rate is it’s not going to change no matter how many accidents you have, In that period of time how many tickets you might get or even if the cost of living in inflation goes up like crazy your rate is the exact same. Which is really cool and a lot of insurance companies don’t have that option.


Three are all of the discounts that Erie insurance gives their auto policy holders some of the discounts include safe driving discount, The car safety equipment discount like do you have an alarm on it, seat belts safety ratings, multi-car discount if you have two or more policies, two or more cars on your policy multi-policy discount that’s bundling. If you have a home an umbrella policy, You bundle that together another discount reduced usage discount, If you don’t drive your car that often you can get a discount for that young drivers discount, If you’re a young driver Erie also provides other discounts that you may be eligible for and lastly the pay plan discount.

If you pay in full annually or if you pay quarterly Erie can provide a discount, Which is another great way to save some money on your auto insurance policy. Erie Insurance one of the best insurance companies around right now and they provide a great auto insurance policy with a lot of cool features. There are our top three the roadside or rental reimbursement coverage optional coverage, Second is the Erie rate lock coverage which is really cool your rates don’t change no matter what happens to you and three is all of the discounts, That Erie offers in their auto insurance policies.

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